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Brera bike rack

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Thinking of getting rid of my beloved 156 Sportswagon as its starting to cost in repairs and torn between 159 Sportwagon - practicle and fantastic looking or maybe a Brera as I only use two seats most of the time. Can you get roof bars/cycle rack to fit Brera - might help make the decision!!!!!
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Hate to say it but detachable tow bar and hitch mounted bike rack is the way I'd go to keep the lines clean !

If I were keeping my lines clean, I would certainly not stick a tow bar on.

As for sticking bikes inside, be careful. To lower back seats the front seats will have to be moved forward. If you move them too far forward, you might end up in an impossibly uncomfortable driving position.

There must be some sort of rack out there that will clamp on to hatch.
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