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Brera Alloy Painting - Anyone Got it Done?

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I was just wondering if anyone has gotten their standard Brera alloys sprayed anthracite. Really like the look of the S alloys on them and would like to hear of peoples experiences.

I'm looking out for a diesel Brera but would like the S alloy effect without having to pay around £1k
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They look great.

I do think that wheel works far better on the 159 than the Brera. A 17" wheel looks too small on a Brera in my opinion...
I'd agree alright. It'd be more with the 18" horse shoes or 19 inch multi spokes i'd be thinking. Just wasn't sure if it was an easy thing to get done. Would still prefer to just buy one with prodrive S alloys, painted callipers and eibach springs though :cheese::cheese:

I think these could potentially look great on a Brera too
:) If only we lived in the same country or I were desperate for a sale. Someone travelling a long way tomorrow for a look, so I hope they are leaving with it. Sorry.

My wife wants me to keep it, she thinks it looks better than the black S I got. What worries me is she could be right!

Those wheels could look great. A bit like what they had on the limited II Brera, but probably a bit nice with that silver insert.
Hopefully they'll give it a good home then. Two beautiful cars you have there alright. I'd be slightly on your wifes side though!

I think i'll try get them if I end up getting a Brera thats on the 17's. Something a bit different.
She's quite a cute blond, so you find people are often on her side even when she talks rubbish! :eek:

You definitely need to get something different on your Brera because there are so many in Dublin that you need to be different.... ;)
Yes. It's gone. Sorry.

I think it went to an appreciative home.

As you may have seen in my gutted thread I was a bit sad about it. Despite having another Brera on my drive...
That is an unfortunate affliction. I hope you solve your issue soon!
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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