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Brera 2.2JTS p1670 and p0017

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Hope you can help, i had p0017 and car was accelerating good after 4k rpms and one day it went to safe mode, car wont go over 80kmh and after 4k rpms its not accelerating just doing like i have rev limiter, that day when i went in to safe mode i got one code more p1670. Can anyone help fixing? Heres pic of what diagnostic said
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Ive changed camshaft sensors, both of them, new original ones, cleaned both solenoids, mechanic said that chain is like brand new. What else can i do and what to do about p1670 and safe mode? I rly cant drive like that with no acceleration and high fuel consuption
Also car starts good while beeing cold or hot its not metter it starts like brand new
1 - 3 of 3 Posts