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Anyone recommend mods for the 2.2 jts?

I have to confess, I wasn't brought up by "mechanical' parents, and haven't been exposed to 'under the hood' maintenance, let alone minor or major modifications.

Thus, I have only the vaguest of (technical) knowledge on what various mods do, so a bit of an explanation on each would be most appreciated.

In order of preference, I was thinking:

* Remap

* Intake/exhaust

* Headers (don't really know what this is or does or why, but keep reading about it on performance sites)

* Engine bore? Say to 2.4, what would the gains be?

* Low Pressure Turbo
* Supercharger

Anything else? (Go downhill more often?:D )

Forced induction is the only thing I don't need explained to me.

Thanks in advance, all...

An extra 10-15 HP would be nice.

I think I'll be Autodelta-ing mine this year.

Maybe just a re-map/filter change.


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Has anyone looked into the insurance implications of having theirs re-mapped, exhaust, etc? Are they usually okay with this or do you need to find a specialist insurer?


French insurers refuse point blank to insure mod'd cars.

A mate of mine I asked yesterday says if it's remapped there's
almost zero chance a vehicle inspector will catch it.
And so long as you're not changing anything else, there is no
excuse for them to even look.


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I think an Autodelta supercharger kit along with an autodelta exhaust will do all that you need.....although they're UK based. Are there equilvalent Alfa specialists in Australia?

Anyway, that'll probably give you the most noticable improvement but it's not cheap. For the GT 2.0 JTS the supercharger kit is £3500 including fitting. I imagine for the Brera 2.2 JTS it'll be very much the same price.

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