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I have a 53 Silver 147 Lusso 1.9 diesel with the red leather interior.

It's covered about 126K miles. It's sat still for about 6 weeks. I fired it up today and she started first time, however the clutch has seized (I think? - changing gear was incredibly difficult and I was unable to get it into reverse).

I was able to drive it, and covered about 10 miles. It pulled well, so I am of belief the engine is still fine.

There is also a problem with the rear driver side suspension (it drives all wobbly!) and the passenger side side light doesn't work. Other than that everything else is fine. After buying it it developed a problem with starting but an indy Alfa specialist fitted a new EGR Valve, and all was cured.

I'm not going to repair as I've decided to buy the wife a newer car.

My question to you all is

Does anyone want anything off of it?

PM me what you want and an offer price (excluding postage or delivery) and I'll get back to you.

Alternatively if anyone wants to make an offer for the wntire car?

I can send photos of any pieces on request.
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