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I see you've now edited your first post, adding "using brake callipers from 166 ".

You'd obviously need adapter brackets for the 166 calipers.
The discs would need redrilling to 5x98mm PCD and you'd need rings to bring the centre bore down to the correct size.

Far easier to get the MiTo Brembos and a set of off-the-shelf GTV V6 / GTA 305x28 discs.

i have Brembo 310mm on my GT, from Alfa 166 with custom made adapters, from link above. You need Alfa 166 310mmx28mm disc and you need new holes drilled
Thanks this is exactly what I鈥檓 looking for but can you please send me the exact link for where I can buy the adapters because I don鈥檛 understand the language, thanks a lot:)
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