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brake master cylinder 156

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Hi all, just found out i now need a new brake master cylinder, as my local garage think that its popped one of its seals, as there was so much air in the system since changing the bulk head brake pipes. Does anyone know if the brake master is the same on all models, mines a 2004 jtd 115, theres one on ebay second hand for a 2002 2.4 jtd. I'm already starting to regret buying an alfa, i need new upper wishbones as they are squeeking like mad and now this!!!
Any help would be appreciated.


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I think there is air trapped and needs to be moved out by cracking unions and working down each till you get sufficient quantities to actually bleed system up........if master cylinder was okay before and it was corrosion thus the need for renewing pipe i would try with what ive said before the expense and time consuming of replacing mastercylinder
cheers, what do you mean by cracking the unions? I'm not very mechanical minded.
connections off mastercylinder ....etc ....if you got air lock youll never bleed system up because you need fluid for it to work ..if air is present it wont move
yes same here, the local said they rarely work on alfa's, unfortunately I couldn't get it to Alfa technico in Mansfield (15miles away) as the brakes were so poor.
braking system noooo different to most makes out there so dont use them again :tut:
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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