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*Sigh* A couple, of weeks ago I did the water pump, cambelt, tensioners, engine stabiliser etc when the car overheated. At the same time I had the gaskets replaced and the head checked as a precaution.

Before this the brake fluid level never really dipped in the six months prior. After the other stuff was fixed I noticed that there was a fluid leak which we managed to isolate to the clutch slave. It was pretty poked so we replaced that. The leak remained and the mechanic has isolated it down to the following place on the firewall. I am told it's near the ABS/Brake booster but is incredibly difficult to get to in oder to replace the line:

A close up, these metal lines are painted black usually, the paint can be seen peeling back here

More evidence close up

The black paint has peeled off showing evidence of Brake fluid over the painted pipe and it feels a little moist. I guess it is loosing the amount fluid from Max to Min in about a week and a half each time.

I speculate this could be the cause, but am not sure still. Could this be the cause of the leak and how easy is it to fix? Simply do the copper washers? My Alfa mackie seems to think this is going to be one huge job. I am not keen to fork out unnecessarily.


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