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Can anyone tell me the following info please? I am about to travel to Holland to help my mate fix his Alfa 146 and need to take some essential tools to change the front discs and pads and also steering rack rubber boot!
We will also give it an oil and filter change and some new plugs.
Should we be looking at anything else by the way?
As luggage weight is expensive i have opted to take a small selection of the correct size tools so if anybody can tell me any of the following sizes definitively, it would save me a lot of hassle.
Much obliged in advance.

Ps I am assuming i need to disconnect rack to slide rubber boot over track rod. After looking at photos it looks like after loosening two pinch bolts it may be possible to leave the track rod end in situ possibly?

Any help whatsoever would be fantastic. Thanks

Caliper slider hex headed bolts size

Carrier to hub hex headed bolt size

Steering rack mounting bolt size (bolts to the bulkhead)

Steering rack hydraulic pipe connector size (brake pipe looking ones)

Track rod end nut size

Track rod end pinch bolt size

Headlight adjuster torx type size

Oil drain key (type or size)

Thanks again for any help
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