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So guys we meet again on this fateful afternoon in August;)

Basically do you guys put decals on the front and back calipers or just the front.

Reason I ask is the decals being provided come 3x one size and 3x another size?

Ebay seller uber9, that was recommend has said the following:

Hello. Yes, larger and smaller for front/rear or the serpents included as an option. You may not have any room on your rear calipers for decals.

- uber9

ad in question:

While another seller:

Hi there!

Yes that is correct with the sizes and the spares,one spare for the front and rear.

Many thanks


ad in question:

So back to my query, do you guys only ever put decals on the front brakes or do you do front and back? Either way could you share some pictures and show them off to me (and all of us on here) :cool: Also what would you use the serpent decals for?

I'm painting my brakes smooth black using hammerite paint and I am going to hopefully get orange decals, my car is stromboli grey

Maybe its cos I work in IT Disaster Recovery...I like to fully know what's going on and look at all possible areas before I consider starting lol


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