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Hi there,

have just replaced o/s rear caliper on my 75TS and pads on both rear calipers.
As the back was in the air I pressure bled from spare tyre the 2 outer nipples first (separately) then inner ones also separately, done this a few times, but still a very soft peddle. Have now got front up and have bled one caliper but still a soft peddle. Am I doing anything wrong?

Could someone give me a step by step guide to pressure bleeding on all calipers and if I need to do it in order. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


Confused by you saying inner and outer nipples but then I'm not familiar with the 75 TS setup, are they four pots?

Usual rule is to bleed the nipple furthest from the reservoir and work in until you reach the nearest.

I've got mixed feelings about pressure bleeders as the Gunson I've bought doesn't have very good reservoir tops and therefore leaks!

Try with another person...also try with the engine running. If it's got ABS there may be an airlock in the ABS unit.

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