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Hi All,

I'm of course a newbie on here and just wanted to crack off by say that I'd been looking for the antidote to my Citroen C8 that I need to haul my band equipment/ Kids/ Surfbaord etc around. It's a great people carrier but I was sorely missing out on driving. After loads of research and test drives I finally settled on an mint low 98 Alfa GTV 2.0 TS with 50k on the clock and full dealer history (in my avatar). I cannot believe what an amazing car it is, especially for the money I paid.

I'm a biker at heart (also an Italian - Aprilia Mille) but this is the first car I ever felt anything gooey about! I think I'm now a lost case.

I've seen very few others round my neck of the woods, Kent, except for a couple of Spiders.

So say 'Hi' or flash your lights and wave like bikers do.

Hope to see you around

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