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Hi All,

Finally bought the sister a little MiTo and want to know the best way of attacking a few of its niggles.

1) Dipstick is a bit rusty or perhaps just old oil coating it (service history is perfect, but it is a 6 year old, 35k mile car) - Has anyone had this before, any idea of parts costs? Guessing best case is, clean up the dipstick and see if it causes any issues, otherwise new tube, seals and dipstick?
2) I have seen a few cases of this but odd, the rev counter perspex is cracked slightly at the bottom. Can you buy just the perspex or more a case of buying a used speedo and swapping over the perspex (if possible?)
3) There is a slight vibration between 1-2k rpm, it sounds like a heatshield or a flexi exhaust.
4) Chipex - The car has a few light scratches, and a slight graze on the front bumper. Is Chipex worth it, or just an expensive touch up pen? I usually apply the touch up finely, and then remove excess with my finger, then use some G3 to get it back to original level, but do find with lighter scratches the paint does come back out. Is the chipex system smarter and more flexible?
5) Spark Plugs - Are they easy to access on the 95hp? I guess just whip the cover off, coil packs off and then remove them? Or something a little more?
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