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Hi All,

Before you say it ... .Yes I have read the other posts on this site.... But either my lack of knowledge ( very possible :) ) or it plain doesn't work....

So.... Have a Alfa Romeo GT on a 04' it has a Bose System running the Gucci Stereo... Great and all and even plays MP3's but I wish to change the stereo for something that can do Sat Nav plus also a Parrot phone system ( Not much to ask ahh ! :) )

So in all the other pages the say to connect the Yellow Wire ( I think it was G6 ) which is part of the yellow connector of the GT Upgrade cable ( not to be confused with the ISO clips ) onto a power souce ?

So my cable is Grey, Grey yes I hear you cry !!! ... Next I try and attach this either to the ISO on the phone or the Stereo... But which on of the thousands do you choose ( remembering there is only one power ISO clip ! So hopefully narrowing things down a bit ! ) Does it have to be 12v ? Is there better choices ? HELLLPPP !

Sorry for the waffling but you have no idea how cold it is at night to be sitting in the garage awaiting a moment of genius to arrive ! :)

P.S. 1st December soon so Happy Christmas ! :)


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If understand your question properly - for your bose system to work it needs a 12v "trigger".
This trigger is supplied by the only wire in the yellow mini-iso which would originally have been connected to your stereo along with blue and green mini isos. The wire itself from memory is not yellow and may indeed be grey.

To that wire you need to connect a 12v trigger - an aftermarket head unit will usually come with such a wire for that purpose ( normally labelled remote ) and it will probably be blue/white but check the labels.
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