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After a quick word with the AO Admin, I'm posting this here at their suggestion in the hopes that it might be useful to someone...

Some of you may know of the Fiat Coupe Barnacle Widget which I developed - I know there are one or two fitted to 155s.

I've since coded up a *very* rough and ready console application to talk to Coupe 20v/vt ECUs - the Bosch 2.10.4

Since that ECU is actually used on more Alfas than Fiats, I thought it might be useful over here.

It's for cars with the Fiat/Alfa/Lancia 3-pin connector, and you'll need a VAG-COM KKL 409.1 adaptor such as this on eBay: and also an OBD to 3-pin adaptor such as

The code is available on my site at

It displays a real-time display of engine parameters, plus every twenty seconds or so it asks for any errors which are displayed as text. You can also clear any outstanding errors.

It should work on:

  • Alfa 145/6 1.4 16v
  • Alfa 145/6 1.6 16v
  • Alfa 145/6 1.8 16v
  • Alfa 145/6 2.0 16v
  • Alfa 155 1.6 16v
  • Alfa 155 1.8 16v
  • Alfa 155 2.0 16v
  • GTV/Spider 2.0 16v
  • Alfa 932 (Nuova Giulietta) 1.6 16v

These will be pre-2001 cars. I haven't tested it, but I believe it will also work with the Bosch 2.10.3 which is fitted to

  • 838 2.0 20v
  • 838 2.4 20v
  • Alfa 145 1.7 16v
  • Alfa Spider 2.0
  • Alfa 145/155 2.0 16v (family B)

This is based purely on checking the comms protocols, so take any readings with a pinch of salt - but it would be nice to see if it works.

It works on XP, Vista, W7, and with the Wine emulator, Linux. There's a more detailed instruction on using it on the FCCUK forum FAQ section, here: UBB Message - Fiat Coupe Forum

Beware - this is free software, very rough and ready, and worth every penny you pay for it. It's without any guarantee, and if it melts your engine, or you have a bad day, or your dog bites you, it's not my fault.


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