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I visited Cars on the Green in Bury St Edmunds on Sunday where there was a good showing of various Alfas. I got talking to the owner of a very nice V6 GTV on a Y plate which he said he thought may be an import as the number plate surrounds said Bonsels and Weitz Erkerland. Just in case anyone else has the same surrounds on their car and is wondering if it is an import...

If your car has these plates then technically it has been imported but will be full UK spec. Chances are it was bought tax free in British Forces Germany (BFG). B&W had a sales office at JHQ Rheindalen where you ordered the car then picked it up from the showroom in Erkelenz near Monchengladbach many months later when it was delivered.

The only non-UK spec option was the Aerokit which could be fitted to the TS which I have been told wasn't an option in the UK (I standby to be corrected on this). At the time, BFG personnel got their cars tax free and the Fiat group also gave a NATO discount so cars were about 45% cheaper than the UK. In my case I paid 38126 Deutch Marks and 24 pfennigs for my TS on 29th March 2001 and 15 years and 109000 miles later it is as much fun to drive as it was when I first got it. Best £12500 I've ever spent!
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