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Something Simes said on the new M3 thread inspired me to give a little write-up of my mates new purchase, a BMW 330d.

Don;t know what to make of it really - it's a marvellous peice of engineering I'm sure.. but..

I think BMWs are very good cars. Not what is usually said on here, but true nevertheless. I'm more of a driving fanatic than an Alfa fanatic, so maybe I can see things more clearly than some other Alfisti. BMW always try and make their cars proper driver's cars. They try and get 50:50 weight distribution, are all RWD, and as much as we slag them off its mostly because of their 'image', and the people who drive them.

My mates just got a 52 plate 330d, 204bhp, but quite a bit more torque than me, even though mines remapped and his is stock. But driving it, it feels a lot more sedate than my 156, but the handling does inspire a lot more confidence. The steering is lovely, even compared to the sharp steering on my 156. The inside of the car feels well made, although not exactly what you would call stylish, just 'smart' really. Not as nice as mine, but thats not why you buy a German car.

It has all the toys, automatic xenon lights, auto-wipers, leather, M-tech kit, 18"s, it does look really nice. All in all, I really like it, but...

For what they cost, you could buy a 53-plate 2.4 JTDm, bigger turbo, remapped, diff, koni FSDs, eibach springs, full service inc cambelt, and maybe enough left over to have a nice little holiday somewhere. Or just get a GTA, and save a bit o' cash for fuel.

If I was buying new, the sensible choice would be a Beemer. But buying secondhand, Alfa's are actually quite a sensible choice.
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