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Bluetooth Niggles

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Nearly 3 weeks into my Brera ownership, and so far loving every minute in it! A few questions regarding Bluetooth though - I have a k800i.

1) Does anyone know how to reduce the volume of the ringtone - without reducing the volume of all the general alerts etc?

2) According to the manual, the car will play the phone ringtones - it doesn't - not a big issue, but is there a fix for this?

3) Again, according to the manual, the phone operator (ie o2) should be displayed on the dash next to the bluetooth symbol - mine isn't - totally not a real issue at all, but is this a common non-event?

4) I'm due for a free phone upgrade soon - can anyone recommend a good phone that is totally compatible and reliable with Blue&Me?
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2. I haven't had an incoming call yet !! :(
3. Mine doesn't either :(

Saying that mines currently not working at all since installing the Message Reader upgrade !!:rolleyes: :(

1) Try changing the "Phone" volume setting on the stereo
And then you can increase the phonecall volume on the phone

2) May be phone specific, I know Nokia Handsfree + Nokia phone
allows this.

3) Mine works I get "SFR"

4) Sony or Nokia I would say. (K750i with latest firmware is
good. My K800i is back in for repairs for the 3rd time, so
wouldn't recommend unless you really like the camera.)

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I've tried lowering the volume setting on the stereo - I think it was called "external audio", but that lowers all the voice commands as well as the ring tone - I really just want to lower the ringtone volume, so I don't have a heart attack every time the phone rings, but it looks like it can't be done.
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