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I was wondering if anyone could help me? I recently had a bluetooth kit fitted by the local Aplha Romeo garage to my ***** Romeo GT (2007). When the garage fitted it, they said the steering wheel controls needed to be disabled in order for the bluetooth to work. Can anyone tell me if there is a way around this?

The Radio is an "Blaupunkt GMBH - Alfa 937CD" and the Bluetooth Kit fitted is a "Meta Voice" kit made by MetaSystem.

Also, having paired my phone to the kit, anytime I receive or make a call the volume on the stereo for the phone drops right down to zero and I have to hold the up volume button on the stereo for a good 10 seconds before I can hear anything. Does anyone know of a way of stopping this happening?

Thanks for all your help!!

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Hi again.

As answered in your other thread there is no reason to disable the steering
controls to fit a bluetooth kit.

If you pull the headunit there is a wiring diagram on the top of it.

You just need to connect power/ground to the bluetooth kit.
The audio output of the bluetooth kit connects to TEL+ & TEL-
and the muting line from the kit goes to TEL MUTE.

It is that simple.

There are loads of threads on this. ;)
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