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Does anyone know if I can get a bluetooth adaptor kit for my Alfa factory fitted Blaupunkt TravelPilot DX in my 2004 156? The factory fitted unit currently has an olde worlde GSM phone unit attached in the glovebox which takes a SIM card, but
a: it's broken (snapped connectors),
b: it's no use without a duplicate SIM, which I dont have, and
c: it's very old

I'm hoping there's a bluetooth kit I could get to fit into the same connectors as the GSM box which would allow me to use my phone, thru bluetooth integrated with the speakers and mic already fitted to the old system.

I've seen bluetooth adaptors for the Travelpilot, but they all say "not for factory fitted units", only "after market".



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Probably be just as cheap to swap the headunit for one
with integrated bluetooth. ;)

There is a Blaupunky MP3/Bluetooth kit that
replaced the CD Changer, but could be iffy as to
whether it works with older headunits.
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