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Blue&Me Replacement

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Firstly apologies if I am posting this in the wrong place. New to the forums (and owning an Alfa) so feel free to point me into a better place if required :)

I have a 61 plate 159 Lusso 2.0 JTDM which came with Blue & Me factory fitted. Admittedly I purchased it as second owner but that doesn't really matter much. The problem I have is the lack of support for A2DP which means I cannot stream audio from my iPhone through the stereo which I find really annoying. I use the phone for satnav as well as playing music so finding not having it connected through really irritating. I have also tested different ways of connecting to the USB port and nothing works - Blue&Me appears to be based on Windows Embedded (and a really old version at that - yes I am an IT Geek) so not likely to work any time soon.

So that leads me to the big question - what to do now? I am open to all advice from people out there who have made the switch. I am thinking along the lines of putting a Parrott kit into the car replacing the Blue&Me. Ideally I would like:
  • Steering Wheel Controls
  • Use built in mic - although this may need replacing anyway because people cant hear me clearly when on the phone
  • No additional displays or buttons which look "retro-fitted"
  • discreet installation - I do want it professionally fitted
  • info to show on dashboard display (is this at all possible?)

I would welcome any advice on:
  • Which car kit/system to use (preferably from your own experiences)
  • Which features I want can be achieved?
  • Where to get it fitted - I live in Nottingham :)

OK, so I don't appear to be too demanding right? ;)

Thank you for reading - your advice would be much appreciated.