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Blue&Me balancing song loudness

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The whole blue&me thing of music on a memory stick and not having to bugger about with tapes and CDs is brilliant. One problem I'm having with it though is that some songs play really quietly and others play quite loudly, which means I'm forever adjusting the volume up and down between songs. It seems to be songs ripped from older CDs play quieter than newer ones.

I've looked through all the audio options in the car and also on Windows Media Player, but I can't find anything to balance out the sound level between songs. I can't see it being technologically difficult to do, so I'm sure there must be a way of doing it.

Another problem is that the volume setting seems ludicrously loud. Now I don't mind loud music, but it seems a bit daft that conversation becomes almost impossible beyond 10 and yet the volume goes up to 25+. A side effect of this problem is that the increments in turning the volume up and down are quite large, so sometimes for example 5 might be a bit quiet for what I want and 6 might be a bit loud. Is there a way of adjusting the baseline or input volume in order to move up the range I'm selecting on the car? Again I don't think this should be too difficult because if it's possible to solve my first problem, then effectively this is just choosing the level at which I want the songs balancing.

Guidance gratefully received, thanks in advance.

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You can level the sound on the files with most MP3
ripping software on your PC.

Just re-import the files into a new library on your
USB disk and find the volume levelling function for
whichever piece of software you are using. ;)
I think it's the MP3 files themselves as we are having similar issues with our Loudlink in the GT.
when you rip the cds to mp3s you should have an option to normalise the audio level, if you use this option the peak volume will be the same across all of your mp3 files :thumbs:
Thanks for the advice so far but I'm still at a loss.

More searching on the WMP help only links through to the Auto-Volume Levelling options which only seem to work when it plays back and it doesn't do anything to the levels on anything I synchronise to play on something else.

Could you either tell me what option I need to be selecting (the only Rip options I can see relate to the directory where the files are stored and the compression rate) or can you advise an alternative software I could use (ideally one I can download for free).

Thanks again
try this program, i think this will allow you to normalise volume levels when ripping the cd to mp3

CDex | Open Source Digital Audio CD Extractor with more than 32,000,000 downloads
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