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Having exhausted all threads on blue and me and gooled the hell out of it, I have hit a brick wall with my issue.

My Blue and me hand free and media player has been a bit hit and miss over the last year and didnt help when i occidentally jammed my glove box shut bending my usb in the socket. It did however continue working as a hand free unit which is my major requirement.

This is until last week when the system just seemed to die. I have checked the fuse and the stereo works fine. I replaced the damaged USB socket but it does not light up and the steering wheel buttons do not work at all. It now will not connect to my phone and just appears to have dropped off entirely.

I have tried the battery disconnect, carried out a proxy alignment which fixed the flashing oddo but still nothing from the blue and me system.

I have attached a few pics of my issues and a few MultiECU scan results. I have tried to connect my reader using the yellow cable but it cannot connect so wondering if the system is shot?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I really need my hands free for work.


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