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Ive jumped ship from the GTV section as Ive just bought a 156 Sportwagon, as the Gtv just couldnt accomodate my dog (Dobe). As usual with every TS Ive owned, the stat was stuck open, ordered a new one with new clips etc. Got home from work and thought "I'll do that a minute !!" Famous last words, It still had the one use clips on that had been fitted by someone with the hand/wrist pressure I could only dream of :lol:
After losing most of the skin on the knobbly bits of my hands, I got it done, but why do the mounting bolts have to be so chuffin long ? :mad: But the difference was worth it now sits around 80-90 rather than 50. Im sure the fuel consumption will improve too.

So for all of you thinking "I cant be bothered to change that"..................................
Youre probably right !!!:lol::cheese:

Only kidding .....get it done !

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