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Just wondered if anyone has had Bilstein B4-Gas range dampers (part no.s BNE-1982 fronts and VNE-4546 rears) fitted to their 2.0L 155s. I'm looking at purchasing these but I don't know/cannot find much on them regarding specs/info. Bilstein's web-site is in German and my conversational level of the local lingo really lets me down :( . I'm interested to know if anyone has tried these on their own (i.e. no lowering / standard springs) and what they think of them. Are they a lot harsher than the standard ones or are they simply a much better quality damper but with near to factory settings?

I'm asking this since I intend to fit a set of Eibach -35mm springs all round along with their uprated anti-roll bars; I believe that this kit was designed around the standard dampers... problem is, I reckon my dampers are getting a bit tired so I was looking at replacing them with something a little bit more upmarket than Boge.

Any thoughts?

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Bogies are brilliant. :thumbs:

They're just not very sophisticated as OE fitment, but that's Alfa's fault, not Boges.

Bilstein B4 should have somewhat better damping than OE, so I think they'll do good, especially with lowered springs.

Ralf S.
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