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Hi All,

First post in many years and unfortunately not a positive one.

Not sure if anyone else on here has ever bought any used Alfa parts from an ebay seller going by the name of angloafro75 (Lenny Chids) but I would say beware. I needed a good condition 147 1.6TS exhaust downpipe (with the cats and flexi) and this seller said he had a good used one. When it finally arrived about 9 days after being sent, it was clearly not a good one as it was very clear to see that the flexi is already leaking (the reason I needed to replace mine in the first place). After initially finally getting hold of him on the phone after numerous calls and texts he said he was away on holiday and not a problem and would resolve when he returns this week.......well he never did call back. I have left voicemails and messages for him and not a single response.

On his ebay site he appears to be based in Horsham and in one of his pics there is someone with an 'Alfa Lusso Specialist' t-shirt so not sure if he is linked with them or not (I cannot get through to them either!).

If anyone has dealt with this individual I would be keen to hear your experience of dealing with him.

Kind regards,

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