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So, upon recently purchasing my Giulietta I asked for a service plan quote. I asked for a 3 year plan with services every year/11,000 miles, even though the manufacturer recommended service interval is approx 2 years or 21,000 miles. Personally, I couldn't run oil for 21,000 miles, but that's just my preference.

Here's the quote I received for my 2014 2.0 JTDM 150:

10,500 miles: Oil & filter service
21,000 miles: Oil & filter + pollen filter service
32,500 miles: Oil & filter service

Total price = £558.53 (averaging £186.18 per service).

Being used to servicing my previous cars the above makes me cringe, knowing that I could probably source parts myself for approx £30-£40 per service. That leaves £140-£150 for labour. Scandalous, but seems to be the norm for main stealers, and most likely cheaper than buying the services separately.

If my car wasn't brand new I'd service it myself or take it to a local independent garage to keep the service book up-to-date, but I don't want to risk it impacting resale value in 4 years time.

What are you thoughts on main stealer history compared to using a local garage when it comes to resale value? Does it really make much difference?

How much were you quoted for your service plan, if applicable?

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The difference will be your warranty: Alfa will be more likely to consider acts of goodwill in year 4 with a full main dealer warranty than not
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