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After the rush of Silverstone last weekend, this weekend had us bent double laughing!
3 banger "crazy races", where they do one lap and then have to turn round on the circuit and drice in the opposite direction therefore meeting the late comers head on.
3 banger "destruction derbys" where the last car moving wins...Most at this point have either lost or don't have much left of their rear axles & wheels.
Interspersed with some really serious racing by young teens driving ministox by the seat of their pants..These kids really do show no fear and many are young girls (some getting placed), they are the face of tomorrows race circuits.
We then had a great fireworks display, followed by the real highlight of the evening.....Caravan racing!
The Reliant Robin racing (3 races)was absolutely side splitting, doing 5 or 6 rolls, (excellent roll cages)flying through the air and still being pushed upright and driven on in the races.
It was hilarious and the reason was clear to see why it's the last event as they would have to spend hours clearing up the track of all the smashed caravans & cars.
Watching other cars steam into backs of caravans, tow bars coming loose and caravans running loose in the circuit for cars to smash into........A great afternoon/evening out and all for 14 quid a head...bargain!
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