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In a rare dice out of its cosy suburbs while venturing into the unknown and unconventional, BBC R2 recently ran a series of programs about Latin American music, hosted by Gloria Estefan.

If you're interested in it, some of the music that's noteworthy, include:

Manu Chao:

This is a very accessible song:

Manu Chao-Bongo Bong(great song) - YouTube

This, less so:

Manu Chao: Lagrimas de oro - YouTube

There's also the fabulous Orishas:

Orishas - 1999 - YouTube

ORISHAS -A Lo Cubano- - YouTube

Then there's the thorny issue of the music genre 'reggaeton'. Are they? Aren't they? (I don't remember now what that bun-fight is about, but it's based on how music is categorised, IIRC. Calle 13 - cay-ya tray-say - has strong views on this)

Calle 13 - Pa'l Norte - YouTube

Calle 13 - Un Beso de Desayuno - YouTube

Calle 13 - Electro Movimiento - YouTube (this song is meant to be an ironic 80s cheese-fest; hence the video).

I presume the BBC series also referenced these chaps. Old skool and currently used in a TV advert for fruit juice I think:

"Besta é Tu" - Novos Baianos - Acabou Chorare (1972) - YouTube

This es a bit chav, but still: (Daddy Yankee)

I love this sort of music. It doesn't ask much of you (except C13 songs are an interesting, multi-layered mix), bar you put your foot down, and drive :)
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