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Ive not long brought a new battery for my 2.0 8v.
On returning to the car after 2 days of it standing, the battery was flat. Took the battery back to supplier, they did some tests and said that the battery was ok but I was loosing power from the battery through anouther part of the car.

Any of you guys had a similar problem? Where on the car would power be able to drain?

Ive checked the obvious e.g interior light ect, but all is ok. The only thing which is on, is the car alarm but I imagine it wouldnt use a charged battery in 2 days.

Any help advice would be great.

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Thanks for reply, car not long back from dealer who did diagnostic on the electrics.

Fault was the car alarm draining to much power from the car.

New alarm system fitted and all well.

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