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Lots of Threads on this - thought it best to add my 2 pennysworth in a new thread because some issues/threads have been resoved and some not. Doesn't seem to be a definative answer.

My first drain issue happened when I discovered my hazards were on all night. Thing is sometimes my hazards work and sometimes they don't. Its been troubleshooted a few times by different garages to no avail. What is a consistent feature is that if I have used the hazards, then canceling them just means at some piont they will come back on all by themselves - regardless of what postion the button is it. Once I get jumped started and I cancel them they seem to stay off then.

I had the battery renewed back last year after the first drain. A test proved it couldn't hold a charge .. even though it was ony 3 years old.

Back last month I was waiting for someone outside their house for 15 mins with the stereo on and the battery was drained. Approx a week later I was stupid enough to put my hazards on (well I pressed the button and nothing happened - the time-delay thing kicked in overnight and drained my battery).

Then I had a drain for no apparent reason about 2-3m days later. Not enough charge in batter I expect.

I have an aftermarket stereo and always remove the fascia by the way. Would love it if someone could give me instructions on wiring it thru the ignition please.

I have had the battery and alernator tested and they are both fine. I think it would be useful if someone could assist me with some notes on undoing the battery terminals so that I can take it out and give it a good old charge over the weekend. What I mean is: I have worked out that I need a 10mm and 13 mm socket, but I can't quite get a decent angle to undo them. So could someone confirm if I need to use insulated tools (can't remeber, sorry) and can I lower the battery down into the boot to get easier/more/better access to it.

My other main reason for starting this thread is that after reading a few threads I noticed that pretty much all the items that could be causing the drain run off fuse 17: sound system, aerial, courtesy lights, boot lights, locking (when I pulled fuse 17 my remote fob won't lock the car, so I assume that's because the locking is not active and therefore the immob and alarm are also not active). Useful fuse but an insurance nightmare longterm. My thoughts/queries on this are: does this mean all these things are on the same circuit, and if one of them is still on when it's not supposed to be will ALL the circuit be powered up, meaning that these items are all on as well (unless they are switched off locally - for instance the boot has its own switch).

Hope someone can help with the stereo ignition wiring and batery removal.
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