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Battery Clamp Strap Length

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Bought a new battery that has the 174w/190h recommended dimension, and the strap's too short (the old battery's 175mm high). I read somewhere on this forum that there are two strap lengths available, but I haven't been able to verify that.

Got any advice? Thanks!

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Just been though this whole process with my GT 3.2v6. The recommendations on pretty much every website I tried say 190mm height. My old battery was a 190mm. Yes it will fit without the strap but it does push up the induction hose and causes the wire leading off the battery to be smushed. In addition my induction hose was showing wear where it was touching. I decided to go with a 175mm battery and to me the fit is exactly how it should be. No pushing, everything lays in well. Oddly Amazon specifically warned me that a 242x175x175 would NOT fit my car and steered me to the 190s.

I cannot verify different lenght straps but certainly have never heard of different lengths. I do plan to find a new strap from the breakers at some point though.
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