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Battery Clamp Strap Length

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Bought a new battery that has the 174w/190h recommended dimension, and the strap's too short (the old battery's 175mm high). I read somewhere on this forum that there are two strap lengths available, but I haven't been able to verify that.

Got any advice? Thanks!

2005 147 2.0 TS
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Mine (Sport Q2 147) is adjustable, at the fixed end. Only the inboard end is stitched, the other loops through the anchorage and back on itself.
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The car originally had an Exide 096TE/EA722 which is 175mm high (x 278L x 175W). I now use a slightly greater capacity/CCA Exide 067TE/ EA770, which is 190mm high (same L & W). As the mathematically-inclined might guess, this requires the strap to be 2x15=30mm longer. Adjusting the strap takes seconds.

This is the absolute largest battery I can fit on my diesel, I have to squeeze the top boost hose a little for clearance while fitting it- but once in place there's plenty of space. If it doesn't fit, you can rotate the hose a little. YMMV with petrol.
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