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I found a bargain on e-bay, a lovely set of Focal components 4" speakers and 1" tweeters, 3 month old (new retail is about £220 although i've seen them cheaper) Got a parcel today and opened it to find an immaculate set of 165v2 Focal components...yes ladies and gents thats 165mm or 6.5" in old money :(

I'm pretty sure I know the answer, but just to check....If I chucked the tweeters in as normal and the 6.5" (assuming they'd fit 165mm I think should?) in the back I'm assuming it'd be a waste of time??

My plans were to have the components in the front new 17's in the back and the sub :D

Otherwise I'd be selling them (they're actually worth more :cheese: ), if anyone knows anyone who'd be interested?

And how the Fcuk can you get them mixed up when it's written on the box??
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