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Hello all!

Decided to bring herself on this on this "Show and Shine" car meet since she wasn't getting enough of a spin around town... Overall it was nice! As you would imagine there was plenty of Japs and Germans out there and needless to say that we were the only Italians at it! :D There was some nicely done up cars including a Skyline R34 (that won the whole thing), Skyline R35 ,EVO VI Tommi Makinen (that won the best jap class) and few nice germans too! I was very proud of my girl as she gathered plenty of interest among the lot! And it got even better when I popped the bonnet open. Mr. Giuseppe's creation made a lot of people scratch their heads while feeling the HOT chrome pipes! :italiansmiles:

Here is a quick video that some lad made of the meet:

And here is few snaps of pretty girl herself, since the lad above decided to only include the Alfa's right butt cheek in 1:02 of the video! (Jap/German Fan BoY!) :hehe:


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