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haha oh dear.

Well I already have three.

It certainly wasn't me who set it off, its just one of those things that worries you even though you know it shouldn't. I spent two hours reading about all kinds of things related to speed cameras, which set my mind at ease slightly.

On investigation of my exhaust just now, its slap bang in front of the cats - is that going to be the mid pipe or the manifold? Either way I need to get it to a garage. Bank balance says Kwik Fit, common sense says hire a truck to take it to Jamie in Royston. Ouch either way.
Kwik fit!! They certainly won't help your bank balance, I was quoted £500 just for the centre section on mine:wow: ended up getting a complete stainless jobby from powerflow for the same money. I know yours is a different scenario but for heavens sake take to Jamie, least he knows what he's doing.

As for the Gatso, I had the same thing happen to me. I was doing well under the speed limit as traffic was dictating speed and yet the bleeding thing still flashed, it's not uncommon for other factors like on coming cars to set them off. I didn't receive anything after three weeks of waiting on baited breath:rolleyes: were you still in the zone at the time it went of? coz you need to have reached the last chevron before it goes off and the Gatso does judge between the first and last one. Even so if you do then contest it vehemently.
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