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Hi, One and All:)

"What can I say?"
"QWERTY" and I got into fight
early on today
he refused too put things in the right
order ignoring my attempts too type,
Lost my temper I`m`told,
Really hate this parasite within
if I could just get a hold:mad:
but alas this is not to be
so while`st he sleeps I will say my goodbye
and a big thank you for putting up with me
It`s only fair too tell you before I depart
the reason I type this way it has helped
me too get control of "Qwerty"
though it is a battle ,thats plain to see
So my friends, may
travel lightly with burdens afew
to your destinations,no matter in which nations you abide
may love ,wisdom, compassion and frienship
be forever by your side.

John the Luddite,+(parasite)

May try and Lurk,for a spell
with my navigator and Qwerty
"who can tell?":confused:
Fare thee well.:thumbs:

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John, hang on, please.

Your posts never fail to bring a thought to my mind and ususally a smile on my lips. And on many other forumers' lips I am sure (but I'll let them speak for themselves).

Teach your passenger well :)

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Please hang around John.....Even if it is only lurking
It'll be nice to know you're there
even if at your words we can't stare

You can see I don't have your way with words.

I'll miss you very much

Take care of yourself youngster


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John, I hope that you are indeed lurking! Please do report anything that contravenes forum rules, we don't want to lose forum elders such as yourself! I don't think I've ever found your posts anything but entertaining, cleverly constructed and often just summing up an entire trail of thought!

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John, sorry to be dim but I don't get it. You don't get on with a keyboard or is "QWERTY" an angry you?

Either way, stick around bud.

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I'll add my pleas for you to remain
in the form of a rubbish refrain
You see I'm not as good as you
At making a point without much hullabaloo
Don't leave us John, your posts are great
We'll miss you heaps, you're our poetic mate.

See? If you don't stick around, I'll have to keep doing that. And my effort sucks compared to yours ;)

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Hi,One and All.:)

Thank you for your kind words
they mean so much to me.


You are not dim,
t`is not I that`s angry
just confused, for the navigator
leads my words awry
leaving me tired from placing digits
on the right key,its enough to make you sigh
faces, and place,are often hidden from me
t`is the quartermaster of my memories
playing games of mystery,a complicated
game of hide and seek,I sometimes
lose what is my most precious possessions
treasures beyond wealth,
memories and now words and thoughts of the day
But when I see stone angels cry
I know it is but the rain over a stone face
and yet I find solace,tis`strange indeed
for I never seem to feel the rain
No`r they my pain.

Take care.

John the Luddite.
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