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Bad luck - Need help with a 156 purchase


This is just my second post into the forums...just a few weeks after a warm welcome by all of you i feel really gutted to send a post like this.
Well, a mate of mine helped me buy my first ever Alfa (Alfa red 2.0 156 52 reg) just 2.5 months ago...within that small a time..and just a little over a 1000 miles I was absolutely in love with the car...and was loving every bit of her.
But but but, just a few days ago around 8PM I was hit by a golf driven by a drunk geezer who manage to fall asleep while driving and hit my car head on driving the wrong side of the road. Leaving me with a broken wrist, bloody hand, sore shoulder, a big whip lash and the worst of all my beautiful car written off.
While I nurse my injuries, I need to find another Alfa.
I don’t know how much money I will get for my Alfa (around 3500 quid I guess) as this was an ex fleet car with over 100000 miles, I bought it for less and spend a lot on top of it to get to a good condition. The insurance company will just give me the price I bought and insured it for.
I was wondering if someone from the forums could guide me to a website or a dealer that deals with ex fleet Alfas with a few miles but good service history etc. So basically I am trying to get a car similar to the one I had, I was the second owner with a car having a full Alfa history.

Thanks Guys
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