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bad at cold start 155 1.8 ts 1993

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Hi guys,
My car is 'caughing' each time i start until it reaches 70 temp. 6 months ago a mechanic changed the temp sensor and it was almost good, but it is the same story as before.
Can anybody give me an idea what else i can do about that?


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Izglejda i pred men stoi sashtia problem, taka che ako si nameril prichinata shte buda blagodaren ako ja spodelish. Kakto i reshenieto razbira se. Izglejda moita e sashtata kato tvojata - 1.8 TS 8V 1993?


Originally posted by marlon:
That's just what I was gonna say wink wink

Sorry but it is some kind of Bulgarian lang. And it’s the easiest way for me to explain – don’t have to search the right words. :p
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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