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I seem to remember someone saying that late 155s had a slightly different exhaust system to earlier cars. I'm looking to get a back box for my 1.8 16v soon but wonder whether the ones advertised from the likes of Remus and Peco etc will fit or would they be for the earlier 8v engines? Could anyone give me a clue please?


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Hi Rob
I don’t know if late 155 16v’s got different ECU mapping but as of 1 October 1996 changes to the exhaust silencers were made to comply with stricter rules on noise emission – during the Summer ’96 Alfa Denmark reduces prices to clear stock.
What’s wrong with your ECU? Unless it is “burnt out” it can be repaired. I had once a idiot (he is running an Autorisered Alfa service shop) short cut my 33’s ECU and claimed I had to by a new. We weren’t in agreement on that and the dispute dragged. In the meantime I disconnected the battery for an hour or two and the ECU was all right thereafter. Other faults can be remedied by someone with the right program and a computer (Alfa Service Shops have special notebooks).
If you need more “go” have something like the UniChip fitted. This can be mapped on a rolling road so you get a total optimize engine. If you later do anything to the engine or buy an other car it can be remapped or moved. I don’t know who is selling the UniChip in UK but in Denmark it is sold and fitted by someone called Gazella Autotech – I se from an advertisement that they are partners of Autodelta, UK. I don’t have any involvement with Gazella but have just ordered an Uni Chip from them.

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I'm a new member to this forum, but hopfully this info my be some use concerning the back box your hoping to get.

My brother has a 146ti 16V and has recently had fitted a Ram Air induction kit and a custom built stainless steel exhaust system.
This has transformed the cars performance.

The exhaust(Power Flow) was brought from Geoff Fowkes Wheels in Ibstock, Leics (M1 Junc 22. You can choose how loud you want the note and which type of tail end you want. The system comes with a full lifetime guarantee, the system sounds and looks the business.

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Hallo Rob,
I can also suggest the same as Mattie.
I have replaced my air filter with K&N element and had a custom stainless steel system made in 63mm diameter front to back, but left the catalyst in place.
There was a truly wortwhile improvement in middle and upper rev ranges, and sounds very, very good.
I think the standard exhaust with 50mm diameter is just a bit too small for 2l 16v or even a 1.8l 16v.

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hiya all,

i've got a late model widebody alfa.
The exhaust is a one peice unit from the KAT back.
It had three boxes on it and will cost approx £170 ish.
A replacement setup from super sprint was about £400 ish :eek: . They sell the back box as a seperate item and they sell the middle pipe as a seperate item. join them together and you get a replacement part that fits onto the oem KAT.
PECO do a big bore 2 (dtm or straight) for approx the same price as supersprint but not the middle section. so you could mix and match if need be.

I spent ages on the net enquiring to differant people and i got nothing much at all. I ended up getting all details courtesy of Demon tweeks.

I'm not sure what i'm gonna do yet as i need to do mine now... what do you think... standard or supersprint twin straight...

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I own an 1.8 8v and I fitted a Scorpion DTM exhaust back box.

It sounds great (it adds a fantastic burble to the already fantastic Alfa sound) and I am really satisfied.

Obviously the "rear end" looks have been beautifully changed.


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I have a 1996 2.0 16v. The exhaust is in one piece behind the cat. This section has two boxes. I understand on the very last 155s
in 1997 and on the 156 that there are two pieces. One for each box. This is far better. The exhaust looks exactly the same only the back box can be replaced without the first box. When my back box went I replaced with the same part although the first box seemed fine when the back box was completely shot. Alfa would have fitted me the 2 piece system no problem. this would have cost more but been cheeper in the long run when the back box went again. Didnt know Id still have my 155 two years later.

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Hi All,

I've got a one off custom made full stainless steel system (3") on mine and it is the best thing I've ever done to my car!!!
The note is the best I've ever heard and just makes teh alfa engine (also modded) sound even better!!
Phone the guys at
and ask them a few questions..
I got around 10bhp from the mid and back box and another 8 from the manifold.

The supersprint systems are better than the peco back boxes.. the peco ones just make a noise with very little power gain.
I have heard al so that the powerflow systems are top. A fair few peeps around have got powerflow systems on their alfas, so they are tried and tested.

If I had to make the choice again I'd still go back to redline! I'm sooooo happy with mine! :D
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