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Sods law it happens tonight of all nights, goin to pontins southport to pick my sis up (she's a bluecoat) and i stopped at tesco's in leyland to fill up. pulling out of tesco had a tint slope to the junction with the road, sods law i was doing less than 10 mph and the car just slid a maximum of 2 foot as i got the nose on the slope into a piggin fiesta! :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

wouldnt mind, the GTV is fine as far as i can see in the dark mind, but the fiesta has a 6 inch long split right along the centre of the bumper

only slightly redeming factor is i went to school with the lad driving, but for all intents and purpouses his parents are apparently t**ts! said to him i'd sort a bumper out for the fiesta (saves me loosing 3 years no claims and shelling out 550 quid excess) and he was fine with it

so ............. all i have to do is find a rear bumper for a 54 plate fiesta in black. oh the joys of hunting round breakers yards and such
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