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Evening all,

So, I'm another victim of a unit that isn't the first in the car (I've got a 159Ti again). Entered what I thought was the correct code (i.e. from the card in the car's docs) a few times and then gave up. I've since gotten the correct code, but my issue is the "Wait" prompt - yep, I now know it doubles the wait time every incorrect entry.

I tried leaving ignition on, then after a couple of hours whilst washing the car, decided to try a sggesyion from another post n here - is remove the unit and wire it to a battery charger. After approx 15 mins wired to a charger, it still keeps going into "sleep" mode. Very frustrating

My question - is there some kind of key combo that will reset back to the "Enter code" message? My alfa mechanic seems to recall you can on other models, by holding two buttons down for 10 hasn't worked for me

Alternatively, which pins do I need to connect the battery charger to that DON'T drop into sleep mode?

My only alternative is to drive the car solid for 2/4 hours - not sure if/when I can do this
(yes - I did search this forum first)

Any help would be very gratefully received!
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