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Avic-F30BT installation bezel

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Well, I am going to fit the Pioneer Avic-F30BT in my Sportwagon (new reg)

The list of parts I need seems to vary wildly, but I think I have it nailed down now.
The only lead I have yet to track down is the CTBlue.mea so that I can move the bluetooth module.

My question is regarding the bezel. I have a part number - CT23AR01 which is the bezel kit.
Anyone fitted one? What was the match to the dash like?

I thought I read that there was another better matching bezel, but I cannot track that down anywhere.

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Got mine from online-caraudio, also did a review with pics in this section a couple of months or so ago, was worried it would stick out like a sore thumb, but blends in nicely (lusso)

Someone else has recently mentioned about kits a week or two back, but iirc it was in the 159 lounge

Edit: it was actually you lol
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