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I just wanted to say if anyone is looking for a tracker for their car then I highly recommend Automatrics and their MTrack tracker.
I have nothing to do with this company, this is just for info in case others are interested. It's also not a thread to debate whether or not to have one.

If you do want one (which I do for peace of mind mostly) then this one is great. I didn't want to wire anything in on a brand new car and potentially have warranty issues and a wire can be traced so I looked for a battery powered one (you can have an MTrack wired in too if you like). I went with the rechargeable one that lasts around 18 to 30 months before needing charging (the company will contact you 6 weeks before it needs charging). When it does you just plug it in.
I also didn't want just a GPS & GSM system as these can be blocked as well as hidden in containers or underground car parks. The MTrack has RF as well and it's Thatcham approved if you want it for insurance purposes. Being battery powered and not wired to the car it's not a modification so I'm not bothering to declare it as it doesn't reduce my insurance.
The system is monitored 24/7 and I also went for the optional remote control for the motion sensor as I didn't want to wait potentially hours to find the car has gone.
The company have been very good so far. If I've accidentally set off the motion sensor I immediately get a text message (if the car hasn't actually moved). When I forgot to turn it off and drove from Essex to Kent they called me to make sure it was ok and could obviously see exactly where I was.
I dropped the car at the detailers yesterday lunchtime and I asked Automatrics to set a geofence round it as I couldn't put the motion sensor on obviously (you can have the remote configured to set a geofence rather than motion if you want). They told me today that at 6.30pm last night they also remotely switched the motion sensor on as added security, without me even asking.

Hopefully I won't have to find out how good they are at finding it (they liaise with the police to find it and also send out their own person to locate it) but so far I've been very impressed so thought I'd share. The unit including 3 years 24/7 European monitoring was around £550, remote extra.
I wont link to their website as dont want to be actively advertising but Google Automatrics MTrack and you'll find it if interested.
Negatives? The unit would be easier to hide if it was smaller but then the battery wouldn't last as long (you can get smaller wired ones). The remote could be smaller too.
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