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I bought some Autolusso Bushes 6 months ago. Ned (whom I've come to know isn't the most patient of guys at times) said the e-mail I sent him, about crap poly bushes that squeak after 8 weeks, was too long to read... And to ring him. :rolleyes: :lol:

I rang the brusque southern wide-boy anyway, and he sent me some prototype bushes after a frank but interesting discussion.

I'm not going to go into the details as I'm not entirely sure where the potential patents end or the autolusso specific development begins, but, for the money, they're great.

In the first instance, it's the upper arm bushes that tend to fail, not the ball joint. The ball joints fail as a consequence of being released from the upright rather than normal wear and tear IMO. So retrofitting poly bushes that last longer than the Alfa chocolate to new arms makes sense to me.

But then, traditionally they (the poly bushes) start to squeak and need to be relubricated after a short period as I described initially described. :rolleyes:

The AL bushes have been modified to negate this issue...

.... AND 6 months, 10,000 later after fitting them to moby dick;

I can confirm that;

They don"t squeak at all:D:D:D

High frequency ride harshness hasn't been noticeably affected...

...but steering feel has improved....

It ( a Ti spec facelift V6 q system ) still understeers though...:rolleyes:

In addition and with in line with most polybush proclamations, tyre wear has been reduced and they do improve turn in.

Well done AutoLusso. :thumbs:

I'd also like to thank Ned for his support last week when I asked him a very technical question relating to gearbox internals... He offered me a replacement.on the cheap. :rolleyes:

... Cheers Ned!:tut::p:lol:

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Good summary Chris :lol:

I fitted mine a fortnight ago, however I also fitted KW coilovers at the same time so hard to say how much of the improvement came down to them and how much comes down to the bushes, but I couldn't be happier with how the car rides & handles.

I've got rear transverse arm & hub bushes going in this week, hopefully they'll stay silent too.

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Also have them fitted from autolusso :D

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As an update to this;

I replaced the bushes in my 147 around 9 months ago with the standard poly bushes. They've started to creak.:rolleyes:

As for the uprated autolusso bushes in my Dad's 156? Still quiet.:thumbs:
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