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Hi all have just removed my Autodelta tuning eeprom chip from my R Redg 1998 ECU to put her back to standard chip.
I bought this from a good friend of mine a while ago and it has given me hours of added enjoyment !
If you pop onto the Autodelta shop and look at engine mods for 2ltr twinspark not cheap but worth every penny.
Better fuel economy different power band and lets you go past the rev limiter by a fair bit .....aaaarrrhhhh.

I thought i would see if there is anybody interested in purchasing it from me prior to putting it onto the 4 letter online auction site.
Genuine Autodelta chip has the Autodelta "A" sticker upon it and is an easily fitted upgrade.
PM me with a good offer or even a good swap for something to go on my spider.
Looking for some Zender roll hoops at the minute if anyone is hiding any.

All the best
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