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Hi all,

lots of posts about this, just my two cents on a fix that worked for me.

The issue arose first last year after I had been using the car under load (towing a trailer). All the lights would come on, no power, but the car would 'reset' after a while.

Checking out the problem with ECUScan, the key error codes were:
(Engine) P1120 - Throttle valve position control Plausibility.
(Body computer) B1047 - LIN serial line
(Body computer) B1067 - Dynamic control selector on CAN.

After looking at the various threads here I replaced the battery, and this worked a treat, no more problems.

This year in the same circumstances, the same errors came up. My initial reaction that it was likely to be an alternator problem as the issue only arose during heavy load (lights on, going up hill in high gear, etc), but after checking it out, there were no voltage issues.

Not fancying to buy a yet another battery, I decided to tackle the error code at source. I removed the throttle body and cleaned the inside with carb cleaner. I then tackled the electrical connections.

The cover on the actuator is held on by some still spring clips. Lever them off with a flat screwdriver.

Carefully lift off the cover. There are two large connectors (for the servo motor) and so the cover must be lifted clear of these before it comes off (see image of a similar unit below).

Once the cover is off, there are a set of spring contacts that need to be cleaned on the main wheel. Be careful with these as they are quite light. A cotton bud and some isopropyl alcohol will clean off any carbon residue.
Next, clean the carbon contacts on the back of the cover. If it's like mine, it will have a lot of residue on it. Carefully clean the tracks, again with some alcohol.

Once the contacts are cleaned, re-seat the rubber seal around the outside, and carefully reattach the cover, seating it on the two large contacts. Reattach the spring clips.

Job done, I put everything back together, cleared the error codes using ECUscan.

I've driven it for a few days now with no issues. Looks like it's fixed the problem and saved a couple of hundred quid for a new throttle body.



Pic of throttle body cover:


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