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Cambelt went after 30,000 miles (since last change) - ciao to my trusty 155 2.0 16v. :(

It has been consigned to Mr Knacker.

Moral - change the belts every 25k.

Request - does anyone have a P or R reg 155. Either a 2.5 or 2.0 16v. Preferably one with no imminent big bills due and with cambelts recently replaced. :rolleyes:
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youll get one soon jb keep at it ! there was a high miler in liverpool 80 odd on clock which was stolen with keys and second gear was removed and then dumped it was supposed to have gone to universal breakers but it seems they only sell them on and dont break them . the alfa mech who told me about it said it was a 97 car in really good nick just high miles it might still be out there? would make a good repair.
depressed its the best excuse to find a better one! , since buying mine there has been many better buys i paid £8000 for mine just under 4 years ago how depressed am i ?
stick to 155's matey ive drove a 156 recently v6 24v lovelly engine shame about the car felt like a whale on ice ! wallowy front heavy and braking was erm well i do drive a 1.8 suppose its the weight of the engine. not that i dont like them i loved them when they came out but there is nothing exclusive about them even the v6 to many reps got them and trashed them expecting them to be a race i think i better stop there before i go to far as i do like em just to many for my liking.
there is a 2ltr goin in bolton fsh £1950 mail me if you want info 64k on clock
1 - 4 of 33 Posts
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