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Cambelt went after 30,000 miles (since last change) - ciao to my trusty 155 2.0 16v. :(

It has been consigned to Mr Knacker.

Moral - change the belts every 25k.

Request - does anyone have a P or R reg 155. Either a 2.5 or 2.0 16v. Preferably one with no imminent big bills due and with cambelts recently replaced. :rolleyes:
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That's bad news.........

You should let us know where you car is going so people here may benefit (is that the right word ???) from the good parts. That way you could rest in the knowledge your car has actually gave it's life to help save many others. Then it would be a HERO !!!


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Yeah, I thought about that afterwards, but I had to get the RAC to recover me to the Alfa garage I use to confirm my impression that it was the cambelt that had gone.

I'd have to get it recovered back to my place if I wanted to do as you suggest. So, its' not worth it (to me!). Besides, I'm super p****d off right now frown

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This happenned to one of mine, I bought a second hand head complete with valves as this was cheaper than trying to repair the damaged head.

As it happens I have a complete 2.0 16v head (valves , cams the lot) from a car that I have stripped, someone has committed to buy and collect it this Saturday. However if they don't turn up, you could consider it as a cheaper way of getting your car back on the's £250


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Vish, another thing, don't let the scrap man rip you off buy offering you **** all for the car, there are some expensive spare parts sat on it irresepective of the cam belt failing......

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Thanks for the reply.

I've have weighed up the options re my car. The main thing is, unlike days of old when I used to do all the work on my Alfa, I no longer have the time, facilities, and dare I say, inclination to do the work myself.

So, the decision as to what to do is purely a financial one. If I had a garage, I might have been inclined to get the car back here and then sell off what bits I could and eventually get the council to come and take the rest away. But I don't have a garage, and I can't be stripping the car in the street :D

So the figures (as I look at them) go something like this: Min £1000 (probably more like £1500) to have the engine rebuilt, the car needs a new exhaust - so maybe £200 - £300 there. It's done 88k, and there was a hint of release bearing noise and vibration from the clutch - so maybe another £300 there in the not too distant future. To cut a long story short, I could well be looking at forking out £2,500, if not more. It's not worth it for a car with 88k on the clock.

Better to put it down to experience and find another one


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If you like the and the rest is in good nick, surely 1500 quid is worth it for a nice car. We all over capitalise with these cars, that's why we are here ain't it? :cool:

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gasket set £76.53
t/belt £29.54
b/belt £53.69
tensioner £50.52
exhaust valves £88.96 (full set) inlet valves £113.04 (full set)

+vat comes to

£484.43..for the parts.

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here is an idea...

people who donate there internal organs have a card. Why dont they do the same for cars?? There could be a sticker in the window... Please use any of my parts in case i die..


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Thanks for the prices. Unfortunately, there is usually a catch to all this in that most garages won't just do the work at their regular rate unless they are supplying the parts as well (on which they, of course, make a profit).

So, whilst from you figures, I can get the parts at a reasonable price, I would then have to have find someone to do the job who I trusted, and then pay for the car to be recovered to wherever that was.

The thing about Alfas is that one's heart tends to rule one's head with them. I'm absolutely gutted to have to scrap a 155. My last 155 was also scrapped due to some prat spinning his car into it at 50mph on an A-road. I had that one from new and was mega p****d off when that happened. But in the cold light of day, given that there was other largeish bills coming up soon, the numbers just don't add up.

Doesn't really make me feel any better about scrapping it though :mad:

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LOL! I should have thought of doing that before I asked the garage to dispose of it.

What a dummy I am - it's amazing the things one does when one is completely hacked off.

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ueh something went wrong while posting quate was.... and off you go , about 630€ for repairs thats not expencieve.
mine done 120000 miles already , It 's like a good wine.

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youll get one soon jb keep at it ! there was a high miler in liverpool 80 odd on clock which was stolen with keys and second gear was removed and then dumped it was supposed to have gone to universal breakers but it seems they only sell them on and dont break them . the alfa mech who told me about it said it was a 97 car in really good nick just high miles it might still be out there? would make a good repair.

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Can we close this thread? I'm getting too depressed :(

I'm driving around in an Opel Corsa hire car now. I guess "things can only get better".
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