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Blinkin' Tarquini died terminally on me yesterday. I need some urgent assistance so I can point my dude in the right place to repair it.

I was just driving along and the beast did a little back-fire and then just immediately died, like the ignition had been switched off (not like a slow lingering out-of-fuel type stall).

The RAC arrived after 3 hours (nice!) and checked the output from the crankshaft sensor (OK) the live feed to the injector (OK) and the feed to the coil (OK).

The fuel cut-off FPS jobbie under the seat is also okay.

What they couldn't find was any activity at the injectors and no spark, suggeseting that the ECU is unaware of any need to inject/ignite anything.

He said probably a poor earth somewhere or an ECU failure covered the spectrum of possible causes.

Does anyone have any "prime suspect" to check first, and whereabouts in the engine room does that bit live?

My mechanic charges £500 plus parts and labour so it'll be useful if I can eliminate some of the more obvious things for him already.

Tarquini is (was?) a skinny V6.

Ralf S.

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If it's an 8V a common fault is the the fuel pump fuse blowing (caused by corrosion of the contacts causing arcing). It's located on a bracket under the bonnet behind the battery.

However, I would have thought if there's no spark either then it's not a specifically fuel system related problem. Probably best in the long run to get it onto a diagnostic machine unless it's something obvious.

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Sounds a bit like the same problem I had a few weeks ago , one of the ignition amplifiers had killed himself .if not read under..
Some things you can check out for yourself already ,
1) do you smell fuel when starting?? yes the ignition pump is ok , No its a gonner.
2)do the spark plugs light up?
3)Is every cable attached proper , sounds stupid but electronics and 155's are a nightmare they have a tendency to divorce themselves so now and then
4)Swith box ok , negative ground ok
5) Do a rain dance around your car he will like this and starts immediatelly (only kidding)
6) good luck
500£ isn't that a bit high does yar mechy use gold and diamant tools?
I paid 'bout 175€ for a complete dead engine brought back to live again alleluja(3x)

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there is also fuse under the cover on the bulkhead it supplys power to the ecu..make sure its ok..also while under the cover make sure you have a good contact on all the relays(as suggested)
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